5.00 - 5.30 pm Tea or coffee with biscuits on arrival

5.30 – 7.00 pm First Session

7.00 – 7.30 pm Hot Supper with bar available

7.30 – 9.00 pm Second Session – bar available afterwards in hotel

Chair: Carrie de Silva, Principle Lecturer, Harper Adams

Douglas Readings, Barrister

How to Brief Counsel and the Small Claims Court—All you need to know.

  - An introduction to the privilege of professional access to barristers for RICS members

  - What does counsel need?

  - Drafting the brief

  - Duties of the instructing surveyor

Light relief from  Roger Stone,  joint founder of Surveyors RECAP 

continued... - What is the small claims court and how to use it

Jonathan Jenkins, Senior Director, Planning Design

Recent Changes to Planning Policy Affecting Development in the Rural Environment.

   - Changes in Permitted Development

    • Changes of use :Class P, Class Q and Class R

   - General Permitted Development Order Part 6

   - Delivering a net gain for biodiversity

   - The strengthening of neighbourhood plans

   - Affordable housing

   - Possible changes in legislation due to climate change

Monday 23rd September

Chair: Tony Morris-Eyton, Head of Office, Savills West Midlands

Justin Mumford, Managing Director, Lockhart Garratt

Forestry and Taxation Update

   - Timber pricing

   - Grants

   - Policy updates

   - Woodland pricing

   - Taxation

   - Silviculture

Professor Jo Bradwell, Shelmore Timber, Norbury Park and BiFor Project

The Importance of Trees in Climate Change Mitigation.

   - Trees for carbon sequestration

   - BiFor CO2 experiment and the results so far

   - 400,000 new trees on 400 acres

   - Solar power generation

Tom Downes, Partner, Whittingham Riddell

Tax, Timber and Avoiding Tears

   - Tax advantages of timber

   - Pitfalls and potential of business structures

   - Key agricultural tax cases

Chair: Tom Rickard, Rural Property Consultancy

Tom Hewitt and Team, Partner, Burgess Salmon

Topics covered will include, but will not be exclusive to, the following:

   - Wills, probates and partnership agreements… unpicking the problems

   - Proprietary estoppel

   - Protecting assets with prenuptial Agreements

   - Grazing licences and IHT

   - Waste and other environmental issues

Chair: Malcolm Gale, Bagshaws

Charles Cowap, Formerly Principal Lecturer at Harper Adams University

 Public Money for Public Goods

   - A new mechanism for land management

   - Natural capital valuation

Jeremy Moody, Secretary and Adviser, CAAV

Rural Land and Property Update

   - Brexit and other related subsidies

   - The agriculture bill

   - The agricultural tenancy report

   - Residential leasehold reform

Chair: Michael Cavenagh-Thornhill, Cavenagh-Thornhill Associates

Rob Matthews, Lycetts

Property Insurance

   - Perils to cover

   - Establishing sums to insure

   - Business interruption

   - Basis of settlement

   - Employers, public and product liability

   - Civil and legal liabilities

   - Emerging risks e.g. cyber

Jackie Schüpp, Barrett Corp Harrington

Insuring Historical and Listed Buildings

   - Overview of reinstatement cost assessments, what they are and why they are needed

   - Barrett Corp Harrington’s unique approach deals with the particular issues associated with RCAs

of historic buildings

   - Challenges that historical buildings represent


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